Football Films For The Lockdown - Eeek! It's Roy Keane

Whether it's busting knees and getting sued for writing about it in your own book or laying into Alex Ferguson it's fair to say Manchester United, Nottingham Forest, Celtic and Ireland legend Roy Keane likes to get stuck in no matter what he does. Now a ferocious pundit it's easy »

Football Films For The Lockdown!

Dear God it's a world without football! We've taken up online FIFA, stocked up on football books and prayed to Robbie Fowler for a quick and safe return for our beautiful game. Meantime we've been scouring the web for footy films and will post them over the next few days »

We'll Be Exhibiting at Tabletop Scotland

Assuming the zombie hoards don't get us first we're very pleased to announce that Football Fortunes will be exhibiting at Tabletop Scotland in Perth for the first time this October. The new dates for TableTop Scotland are the 10th and 11th of October. We'll be playing the game and also »

Football Fortunes To Feature on New RTE Games Show Gamer Mode TV

We're very pleased to announce that Football Fortunes will feature on the new RTE2 show for gamers Gamer Mode TV later on in 2020. We did a great interview with their rookie presenter Max at Gamerfest Ireland who of course was waaayyyy too young to remember the original game but »

Football Cancelled By Coronavirus? Not in Italy!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention so when Italy went on lockdown because of the Coronavirus some of our more innovative Italian Football Fortunes fans found a way to play the game via Skype! Is this the world's first online game of Football Fortunes? As far as »