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Kick off! Football Fortunes 90s Edition Is Now Live On Kickstarter

The Football Fortunes Kickstarter for the 90s Edition is now live!
Kick off! Football Fortunes 90s Edition Is Now Live On Kickstarter

We're very excited to bring you the next title in the Football Fortunes range of games and this time we're bringing it back to what was simply the greatest era in football history, the 1990s.

The new game features what you know and love from Football Fortunes with a complete retro style redesign including 140 legendary 90s players including fan favorites like Roy Keane, Robbie Fowler, Tony Adams and more with ratings voted for by you on our Facebook page and website. Oh and you can pledge to get newly designed player mats too, we know many of you have been waiting for those since they sold out last time.

We've also brought back the hugely popular 'Your Name In The Game' where backers can pledge to have their own custom playing card in the game as a scout, coach, youth player and, if we meet our stretch goal, a manager for the first time.

We've also completely rebuilt the Football Fortunes app from the ground up and will be adding a bunch of new challenges and hurdles to it to change up the gameplay from 2019's Kickstarter Edition. We love thinking up new stuff for the app and the fact that doing so will keep our game fresh and replayable for years to come.

Lastly in time honoured Football Fortunes fashion we're also bringing a world's first to the new game in the guise of Football Fortunes AR. That's augmented reality for the unfamiliar and we're using it to put our players right inside the gameplay. Visit the Kickstarter page for an exclusive first look at this :)

Thanks as always for supporting us, we hope you'll once again back the new version of the game and help us to make it a reality.

Our Kickstarter has kicked off here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/footballfortunes/football-fortunes-is-back-with-a-new-game-the-90s-edition

Marty, David and Giles

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