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Monday Night Football Fortunes February 28th 2002

It's Coming Home!

That's right, on March 11th we'll be bringing Football Fortunes back to its spiritual home in Leeds where we'll be launching the Kickstarter campaign for our 90s Edition of the game at the Golaccio Retro Football Bar in Great George Street in the heart of Leeds.

Fancy pies, craft beers and Football Fortunes will be flowing and we're very very proud to announce that we'll be joined by our good friends at Counter Attack for the world's first face to face Counter Attack tournament. We couldn't possibly be more excited if we tried.

Register for the 90s Edition Kickstarter launch on Facebook here and throw your hat in the ring for the Counter Attack tournament here

Think ol' Zuck is the devil incarnate? Register for the event on Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/e/football-fortunes-90s-edition-kickstarter-launch-tickets-288099221527

The New Football Fortunes App Is Ready To Test!

That's right! After a long time in utero the new Football Fortunes app is at last together enough for a good solid test. There will be rough edges, there may even be a bug or two but if you can find time we'd love your feedback. You can visit it in a web browser now at https://beta.footballfortunes.co.uk/ note that this won't work on mobiles or iPads just yet but we'll be sending test versions on those devices for everyone who kindly registered to help us test the new app later in the week.

Join Us at Airecon 2022!

As well as popping up in Leeds for our launch we'll be exhibiting at Airecon 2022 in Harrogate from March 11th - March 13th. Grab your ticket here https://www.airecon.co.uk/tickets

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