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Monday Night Football Fortunes Dec 6th - The Big Update!

Hello! Marty here hoping you're very well and safe in these challenging times. I thought a huge update was long overdue and so there follows EVERYTHING that has gone on, is going on and is due to go on in the world of Football Fortunes games.

Sitting in Portugal in July 2019 and pressing the go live button on the Football Fortunes Kickstarter the future looked so different. Assuming enough people wanted us to bring the game back (and thankfully lots of you did! ) I'd release the Football Fortunes Kickstarter Edition in early 2020 and then from there I'd release a new Football Fortunes title every year until the world got tired of me!

PS there’s only 20 left of the Football Fortunes Kickstarter Edition, order before December 16th for Xmas delivery! When they’re gone they’re gone, we won’t be reprinting.

Then of course, as we all know, 2020 came out swinging and kept swinging long into 2021! Manufacturing hit the mat as factories closed, my main business got a bloody nose and lost all of its customers as retail outlets were forced to close meanwhile global shipping tapped out as it ground to a halt in the midst of COVID, the changes that came with Brexit and global supply chain madness.

In short the world stopped and so to some degree I did too as the physical version of the 90s Edition of Football Fortunes had to be put on hold until we could see a clearer route forward. That said, the sun shines brightest at the end of the storm and all in all, while none of us have that Roy Keane or Robbie Fowler player card in our hands just yet, it's actually been a great year for Football Fortunes in 2021.

First off I’d like to thank both NI Screen and Future Screens NI for providing us with the backing to produce the new Football Fortunes online experience. I launched a version on Tabletopia earlier in the year but really the vision was always to build a bespoke version and I’m very pleased to say that that’s underway and looking really good. Have a look at the (very very) early stage video below.

I know that lots of you have been waiting a long time for the new app and especially for the ability to run the app on phones, it’s 95% complete with the last 5% proving to be the hardest part! Aiming for a release ahead of Xmas for that one, apologies for the wait however how to think of it really is that we’ve created the first ‘real’ app for Football Fortunes as the previous web app was always and remains a very quick prototype. From this more solid foundation we can do lots of cool stuff such as….

Football Fortunes AR - Penalty Kicks Against Your Friends Coming Soon!

Football Fortunes AR! The history of Football Fortunes was always one of doing brand new things (like making the world’s first board game powered by a computer programme) and in that spirit I’m bringing Augmented Reality features to the Football Fortunes gaming experience, starting with a penalty kicks mini-game that managers will play on their own devices. It’s great fun already and it’s only early days but I’m very much looking forward to giving it to you folks for sweat out penalty shootouts where you can give your mate the eyes and stick it into the opposite corner!

Lastly I’m going to see an exciting new venue for the Football Fortunes Tabletop Football Club this week for use in the New Year and we’ll be cranking up the episodes of Football Fortunes Away from Home too as new and exciting Kickstarted football games such as Plakks,  Kickards and Golazo hit the table over the festive period.

In all 2021 has been a daisy cutter, we’re going to bust the net in 2022. Here’s what’s coming down the road:

  • The Football Fortunes Tabletop Football Club (dates TBC)
  • The new Football Fortunes app (ahead of Xmas!)
  • Football Fortunes AR Penalty Kick Mini Game
  • Football Fortunes 90s Edition and brand new better than ever player mats
  • Football Fortunes Online (likely late in 2022)

Catch up with us at

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UK Games Expo at the Birmingham NEC from June 3rd - 5th 2022
Tabletop Scotland (date TBC) and if the COVID situation improves our own Tabletop Football Expo!
To all our our season ticket holders thank you so much for believing in the project and investing your money. You’ll be richly rewarded I promise! If you'd like to support our work you can buy a season ticket to get all sorts of exclusive stuff


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