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Monday Night Football Fortunes March 28th 2022

Try the new Football Fortunes app on iPhone and iPad and find out about what's different in our forthcoming 90s Edition

Our New App Is Ready To Try on iPad and iPhone

We’ve completely rebuilt the Football Fortunes app from the ground up, making it much better to look at and also much easier to use ever before. Not only that but we’ve added some of the most requested features from our community also. The new Football Fortunes app:

  • Supports Android phones and iPhone
  • Has a save game function allowing you to save your game and pick it up later
  • Will allow you to view the last set of results in case you missed those vital gate receipts or forget what the scores were
  • Asks you to confirm your team ratings when you’re entering them, eliminating the dreaded mistake of entering the wrong ratings for your team

Later this week we’ll be allowing the community to try the app on the Android platform with the Mac and Windows builds to follow soon after and all being well releasing it next weekend to everyone.

We’re proud of what we’ve built, under very trying circumstances in the last couple of years we hope it will bring you many more hours of football gaming craic!

Try the iOS beta here https://testflight.apple.com/join/iHsWWXty

Theming the 90s Edition

A lot of people have asked what’s different between the forthcoming 90s Edition and the previous version of the game and we have to hold our hands up and say we maybe haven’t explained that very well on the Kickstarter!

So here goes. The plan is to release a new Football Fortunes title every year going forward (we had planned to release the 90s Edition in 2021 but there was far too many bad omens and hurdles to make it possible!).

What will be unique about each new game is the theme. The 90s Edition will look similar to the previous edition but it will have its own app continuing the 90s theme right through the whole game.

This means that the 90s Edition will have different crises, selection problems, manager’s luck, economics and more effectively making it a new game but without losing the fast and simple gameplay you know and love.

It’s just after half time in the Kickstarter and we’re behind at the break. We hope you’ll be able to back the 90s Edition to help us make it a reality! We're currently at 40% funding check it out here https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/footballfortunes/football-fortunes-is-back-with-a-new-game-the-90s-edition

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