The World's Only Multiplayer Football Management Board Game is Back!

The modern reboot of the 1980s classic Brian Clough's Football Fortunes is available now.

A unique concept in football manager gaming, Football Fortunes is a board game that allows you to manage your club, playing squad, finances and tactics against your friends and also computer controlled teams while the companion apps take care of the fixtures, league tables, points earned, chance cards and more.

In the game you'll encounter all of the ups and downs of football management. React to various crises. Stave off bankruptcy. Sign the best players from the current Premier League crop of superstars. Out-think your opponents tactically. Improve your coach and youth team to become world beaters.

The skillset required to succeed will be varied and the hurdles challenging, just like they are in the real world! Can you conquer the Football Fortunes league and cups before storming the giants of European football?

The game includes:

  • 176 Premier League player cards
  • A Classic 1980s player card pack featuring players from the original Brian Clough's Football Fortunes game
  • The game board
  • The free Football Fortunes companion app
  • Upgrade and bung tokens
  • Pointers for use on the game's deluxe Player Mats

In the game managers must:

  • Sign players to build a world class squad
  • Manage your clubs finances, avoiding bankruptcy!
  • Survive crises that will inevitably hit your club at some point through the game
  • Improve your Coach and bring through Youth Players from your Academy
  • Build up your staff so that you can go on Scouting Trips and more
  • Employ winning tactics in multiple competitions against different opponents. Are you a park the bus manager or an all out attacker? Do you adapt?

The manager who wins will be the one to have filled their cabinet with silverware. Go for glory!