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We literally had a ball at UK Games Expo 2021

The first ever football corner at UK Games Expo 2021

We have to say it felt great to be back at UK Games Expo with like-minded folk. This year we had a whole football game corner with Football Fortunes, our friends from far up North Counter Attack and a brand new football management game that will be Kickstarting later this year Manager Ball.

Every so often you get a reminder of why you wanted to bring back your favourite childhood game and watching so many footy mad kids and teenagers demo these great games was a great feeling.

And we almost sold out of the Kickstarter Edition, we’re down to the last few. It’s time to get that 90s Edition rolling folks!

Football Fortunes 90s Edition

Like much else in the world at the moment manufacturing and shipping are pretty screwed up, hence we've held off a little on the Football Fortunes 90s Edition hoping for things to normalise a little and allow us to get the next version of our game to the clambering masses!

We've had a bunch of quotes, scratched our heads at shipping manifests and chewed our fingernails to the quick but we said 2021 and we meant it so we'll be launching our Kickstarter at the end of August. For a reminder Join Our Fan Club (click the button on the bottom right of this page) or better still to save money on our 90 Edition big bundles and much more Buy A Season Ticket

Football Fortunes Online

A quick look around at the Tabletopia version of the game

So as you know we launched our Football Fortunes Online version on Roll20 a few weeks ago. Well we tried to! Roll20 is a great platform for building games but its marketplace is pretty useless for anything other than Dungeons and Dragons style games we found. What's a character sheet? Lesson learned!

Instead we’ve built the game again through Tabletopia and, now that they’ve added the ability to have audio and video chat inside the game, we feel it’s ready to roll for our game. We’re in the approval process as we speak, we’ll let you know very soon when the game is available to play! Meantime a quick fly-through video is above.

The All New Football Fortunes App

We know it’s been in the oven for quite a while but the now crisp and perfectly baked Football Fortunes app is done! We’re testing and getting ready to release this too, it’s all go round our way at the moment!

Join Our Player Votes!

Our player votes are ongoing for the player’s ratings in the forthcoming 90s version of the game. Check them out here. Next up we have Dani, Nicky Butt, David James and Colin Hendry. Check out the current votes here https://www.footballfortunes.co.uk/tag/player-ratings-90s-edition/

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