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Monday Night Football Fortunes Issue 10

Monday Night Football Fortunes Issue 10

Gary Neville quoting Bill Shankly? European Superleagues? Jose gets the flick days before Spurs might win their first trophy in forever? Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space. It's time to go back to the '90s when football made sense!

Football Fortunes '90s Edition

That's right we'll be bringing a brand new edition of Football Fortunes to a Kickstarter near you around June. Football Fortunes '90s Edition will feature a brand new game '90s themed design, a '90s Player Pack with ratings voted for by our fans, all new graphics, a brand new app (which will be usable with the previous version too we might add) and more.

Football Fortunes Online

Good news! We have a working version of Football Fortunes Online! Bad news! We haven't had much time to test it. If you haven't already joined the Football Fortunes Fan Club do so now by pressing that wee button in the bottom right. We'll be sending invites to those signed up to our fan club through the week for the first playtest on Sunday 25th April at 11am! Only 6 can play so we'll be on a first come first served basis.

Sports Sims Magazine

We were honoured to be asked to write a history of football tabletop games for Issue #5 of Sports Sim Magazine and were happy to oblige. From the origins of 'The Hobby' to the glory days of British made football games in the 1980s and through into the new era of Kickstarted football games, the article plots the course through thick and thin eras for the genre. Of and if you've never heard of Snoccer (that's a football game played with Snooker cues!) you'll want to check out the curiosities section for more on it and some other really strange games!

Check out the article and magazine here

Away From Home Episode 2 - Superclub

We'll be releasing the second episode of our Away From Home series very soon where we play the superb Superclub (who have just announced their first and very impressive official expansion pack with Arsenal FC). If you haven't see our first episode featuring the stupendous Counter Attack you can watch it below.

That's it for this week, we're off to start panicking about announcing a launch date for Football Fortunes Online! Catch you next week.

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