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The Football Fortunes Tabletop Football Club

Come and play Tabletop Football Games at the Football Fortunes Tabletop Football Club in the Cathedral Quarter Belfast fourth Friday of every month.

Announcing the Football Fortunes Tabletop Football Club happening monthly in the Cathedral Quarter in central Belfast. We'll be playing tabletop football games both vintage and modern, from Subbuteo to Superclub, Counter Attack to Plakks and beyond.

On night one, this Friday the 24th, we'll have playthroughs of the games giving people a chance to get with grips with the rules and in October we'll launch our official Belfast leagues for Football Fortunes, Counter Attack and the classic Wobbly Hobby, Subbuteo where we'll be recreating a classic World Cup!

We'll also have a bunch of free play tables with games like the fantastic Plakks. Total Action Football, Tipp Kick Soccer, Total Action Soccer and many many more.

Whether you pop in for a few games on your way to the pub or play in our competitions to win prizes there'll be something for everyone. Feel free to bring your slightly older kids too (12+)

Join us on the following dates:

  • Friday 22nd October 6pm
  • Friday November 26th 6pm
  • Friday December 17th 6pm
  • Friday 28th January 6pm

RSVP on Facebook or buy tickets on the night entry is only £5 (free to Football Fortunes Season Ticket holders, find out more here). Refreshments will be available to purchase on the night also. The club is based at Raise, 3-5 Commercial Court beside the Duke of York. Social distancing will be adhered to to help keep everyone safe.

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