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Monday Night Football Fortunes Issue 9

The latest news from Football Fortunes football board game including news on the official website for Brian Clough's Football Fortunes, reviews of football books and much more
Monday Night Football Fortunes Issue 9

We woke up this morning at 5.30am thinking about how to beat the offside trap in Counter Attack Tabletopia. It might be time to take a break from the football board games??

Not on your nelly! In fact if anything we'll be playing a lot more. We've joined the Counter Attack Tabletopia league as Football Fortunes FC and while we're mostly getting pasted by far more experienced players we've having, well, a ball of course and it's helping to make the latest lockdown just that little bit easier.

Onwards with the latest issue then...

Football Fortunes Official Rules Update

After a few queries from players on the use of Scouts in the game we've updated the official rules to include more detail on how Scouts are hired and used. Check out the update here https://www.footballfortunes.co.uk/latest-rules-update/

Away From Home Episode 1 - Counter Attack

We have the edit, we have the commentary, we have the special guest and we have the time so Football Fortunes Away From Home episode one will be dropping in January! We'll quickly be following up with episodes on Superclub, then the classic Brian Clough's Football Fortunes and Soccer City from sunny Spain.

We've also taken delivery of more than 15 new (and old) football board games in the past few weeks including the very exciting Next Goal Wins by OB Games, the latest in the long and excellent line of Kickstarted football board games.

The New Football Fortunes App

What's going on with the new app then? Well we've finalised the design and moved into the coding. We'll keep you informed on progress but we've incorporated much of the feedback you guys so kindly gave us on the previous app. There's a better save funaction, a much better interface and also the ability to use to the app on phones which was a major request. We've some great ideas too for future features, more on these in the next issue.

Football Books for the Lockdown

You'll maybe recall that we did a series on Football Films for the Lockdown a while back? We thought we'd follow that with some of the books we devoured over the holiday season (Jonathan Wilson is a genius suffice to say!), look out for a series of posts coming soon on some of the great football books we've had the pleasure of reading.

The Official Brian Clough's Football Fortunes Website

Erm yeah, we didn't do anything here. We ate food and had some drinks instead but we'll get back to it promise!

All we have for now guys

Until next time

Marty, Alan, Giles and David

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