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Monday Night Football Fortunes Issue 8

All the latest news from Football Fortunes in our Monday Night Football update. We join the Counter Attack league. News on our Away From Home football board game series and more.
Monday Night Football Fortunes Issue 8

Hola from sunny Gran Canaria where we've departed for some warm weather training ahead of the hectic Xmas schedule.

Wow! We've had by far our biggest sales month ever. Thank you all...

First up hello to all of your new customers, it's great to have you in the Football Fortunes community. If you'd like to hook up with some other folks who play the game we highly recommend joining our Facebook Community, you can also like our Facebook page and say hello on Instagram and Twitter.

Also make sure that you check out our exclusive player mats, they're for the Football Fortunes pros (and for people like us who can't easily remember two numbers and can't add very quickly anyway.) They're now very limited in stock and you can pick them up on the Football Fortunes webstore

Our logistics operation in full December panic mode!

Need it for Xmas? Amazon Is Guaranteed

We know that some people are concerned about Royal Mail and whether they will get their game before Xmas. If you use Amazon and especially Prime you'll be able to order right up until December 22nd in the UK and Ireland but obviously the earlier you order the better! You can get it on Amazon in the UK, Amazon in Italy, Amazon in Spain, Amazon in Germany and Amazon in France. Holland and Sweden are coming soon!

We've Joined The Counter Attack League

You know we love a good game of Counter Attack don't you! Well we love it so much we've joined their league and had our first match with the newcomers at Football Fortunes FC losing 2-1 to the more experienced Midway Bruins FC. But hey we scored our first goal and learned a lot. Check out Counter Attack on Tabletopia and buy the real thing from www.counterattackgame.com of course it's great.

Lastly But Not Leastly - Away From Home

We've been busy over the holiday period shooting extra episodes of our Away From Home series, that's our YouTube series where we play and review other football board games for the newbies.

Episode 1 - Counter Attack is in the bag (minus commentary from a well known spud!), episode two is filmed features the fantastic Superclub and for episode three we thought we'd break out the daddy and play none other than the original and best Brian Clough's Football Fortunes itself. That's also in the edit suite!

Next up we're juggling between the classic Soccer City and a brand spanking new Game Next Goal Wins. We're going to start rolling out our episodes in the New Year along with some very exclusive content also, more to come on that.

We wish you all a very safe holiday period and hope that you get to spend time with friends and family. And if Football Fortunes provides a bit of fun too we've achieved our goal!

Marty, Giles, David and Alan

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