Five-A-Side funds in a week! We track down the very rare Soccer City for Away From Home! Our Counter Attack episode is almost ready to roll with a couple of surprises thrown in! The new Football Fortunes app has a major facelift! Welcoming Alan to the team! And the first ever official website for Brian Clough's Football Fortunes! Whew. Busy lads...

Five-A-Side Funded!

Congrats to James and the folks at 5-A-Side who funded their new game in just a little over 3 days on Kickstarter! Now it's all about the stretch goals and if you're anything like us you'll want to get your hands on those lovely extra player cards. Pony up!

Soccer City Coming Soon on Away From Home

We tracked down one of the rarest Kickstarter football games the made in Portugal Soccer City. It'll take pride of place on our Away From Home to be played shelf we can tell you. Anyone know what happened to the game? Why it was was never updated after 2016? Let us know on our Facebook, Facebook Group or Twitter if you do.

The Counter Attack Away From Home Episode

We've shot it, diced it and sliced it now we're working on a special addition which we hope will make it just that wee bit special. Honestly we're very happy with progress and we'll quickly be moving in to shooting Away From Home episode 2. Read on for more.

Away From Home Episode 2 - Superclub

It finally arrived all the way from Norway to the rainy streets of Belfast! Got to say Superclub is a work of art, again a testament to the sheer quality of self produced Kickstarter football games. We're lining up the game with its exclusive Top Six Expansion Pack for a good ol' play in mid November. Meantime pick up a copy of the game here

PS if you know someone who can get rid of God awful chip-board wallpaper give me a holler.

Football Fortunes Coming To Amazon Holland!

That's right, Football Fortunes will soon be available via Amazon in Holland. You can also get it on Amazon in the UK, Amazon in Italy, Amazon in Spain, Amazon in Germany and Amazon in France.

The First Official Brian Clough's Football Fortunes Website!

We've started work on the first ever official website for Brian Clough's Football Fortunes. Send us your stories, photos, videos and memories about the classic game and we'll include them on the site. Thanks to Wimplebot (what a name) for sending us his huge archive of Spectrum magazines to harvest for Cloughies reviews. Keep it coming folks!

Last but not least we'd like to thank the fantastic NI Screen for helping us to bring the delectable Alan Stewart on board to help us take the new app to a whole new level of graphic, motion and video brilliance. Thank you :)

Until next time...

Marty, Giles, David and a whole lot more Alan