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Monday Night Football Fortunes Issue 17

What a Euros it’s been so far! It appears that football, like everything else, is bonkersly unpredictable at the moment.

Speaking of unpredictability we were planning to launch our Kickstarter for the Football Fortunes 90s Edition in July however total chaos in both manufacturing and global shipping means we’ve had to shelve that plan for a few months but fear not! We’ll be launching Football Fortunes online on the 12th of July (exactly two years from our Kickstarter) on the Roll20 platform.

This version will allow players to play with up to six friends just like in the physical version. Check out our gameplay preview here https://youtu.be/vCSuRZHEuRI

Join us for a game from 7pm on July 12th. Post your name, team name and your contact details here https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/10214066/launching-football-fortunes-online/?pageforid=10214066#post-10214066 and we’ll send you a timely reminder! Note you'll need to register a Roll20 account to play.

Our Latest '90s Edition Player Votes

Help us to rate the players for the Football Fortunes '90s Edition player pack. Rate Roy Keane, Gareth Southgate, Darren Anderton, Faustino Asprilla, Matt Le Tissier and the latest Gary Neville.

Save With Our Football Fortunes Season Tickets

We’re a small, independent company and that’s exactly how we like it! Our passion is making great football games and we can do that best by making what our fans want to play, not by bowing to the needs and wants of publishers or funders.

With that in mind we’re launching two paid tiers to the Football Fortunes fan club. First up is the Buy Us A Beer tier that will get you access to all of our output, including:

  • Our exclusive development diaries for Football Fortunes online and Football Fortunes AR
  • Early bird access to all Away From Home episodes
  • Access to our online and real world events and tournaments, exclusive merchandise and more. All for just £4.99 per month, less than the price of a pint. You’d buy us a pint in the real world right (warning we can only drink about three these days!)?

For all you hardcore fans we’re introducing our Season Ticket tier. For £59.99 per year you’ll receive:

  • Priority shipping of your copy of Football Fortunes 90s Edition with you as a youth player, coach or scout included in the physical and online version of the game!
  • A copy of any Football Fortunes games or game upgrades released that year (we’re aiming for one game release per year)
  • First come access to all Football Fortunes online tournaments
  • VIP access to all real world events including first come access to all real world tournaments
  • Access to all of our exclusive Away From Home episodes, development diaries for Football Fortunes Online and Football Fortunes AR as well as all future projects from the Football Fortunes crew
  • All merch produced such as t-shirts, branded footballs and more

We’ll introduce our paid tiers on July 12th with the launch of Football Fortunes online.

Catch Us At UK Games Expo Later This Month

With the government restrictions set to lift on July 19th we're looking ever more likely to be able to make the trip to UK Games Expo in Birmingham from Friday 30th of July - 1st of August :) Join us there with our Scottish chums from Counter Attack for a weekend of tabletop footballing like no other!

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you all both online and in the real world very soon.

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