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Monday Night Football Fortunes Issue 12

Lots going on in the land of Football Fortuning this past week, roll up your sleeves and get your paws dirty below!
Monday Night Football Fortunes Issue 12

Away From Home Episode 2 - Superclub is coming this week!

That's right, we've sharpened our editing pencils and knocked episode two into shape in the form of the Norwegian supergame Superclub. Watch as Marty, Rory and Alan lock horns in a race to win the league or the Superclub cup.

Wondering what Away From Home is? Check out Episode 1 - Counter Attack over here

A Full Season Playthrough of Football Fortunes Online For Your Viewing Pleasure!

We've played a full three seasons of Football Fortunes Online and it worked very well indeed even if we do say so ourselves. We'll be releasing it very soon for general play on the Roll20 platform once we have the instructions written up and a few of the rough edges smoothed out. Exciting! Check it out here

Meet Up With Us At UK Game Expo In Birmingham!

We'll be live and in the well vaccinated flesh at UK Games Expo in the Birmingham NEC from Friday 30th July - 1st August. We'll have our chums from Counter Attack on our stall also and will be running a tabletop themed event (piss up!) at a venue near the main show. You'll have the chance to be first to check out our Football Fortunes 90s Edition too. Get your tickets here https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/

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