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Monday Night Football Fortunes 25th October 2021

Monday Night Football Fortunes #18

We’ve had a flurry of activity in the past couple of weeks with real progress right across the board. Read on for updates on Football Fortunes Online, Football Fortunes AR, the new app, the 90s Edition and our latest episode of Away From Home…

Next Goal Wins

Away From Home Episode 3 - Next Goal Wins

Next Goal Wins was Kickstarted in 2020 and delivered in 2021, an impressive feat all on its own! It’s a match day game with drafting, event cards and multiple playing modes which is quick to pick up and fast to play. We’ll be dropping our latest episode into the cosmic episode soup in the coming days.

The New Football Fortunes App

We know the new app has taken a long, long time but it's really a huge improvement on the current app so we're hoping it's been worth the wait. And that's only the beginning! We have a lot of ambitious plans for the new app starting with...

As you know we’ve released Football Fortunes Online on the Tabletopia platform however that’s only the first step. Last week we saw the first tenuous steps towards our own online version with a working interface. There’s not much to show so far but it was lovely to see the first baby steps.

Football Fortunes AR is under development!

Football Fortunes AR

The still slightly secretive Football Fortunes AR also took its first steps last week with some wobbly-legged animations coming in, and they look great too! We’ll reveal more in the next few newsletters but here’s a quick teaser for now.

Football Fortunes 90s Edition

We’ve been continuing with our player votes for the forthcoming 90s Edition of the game while we continue to plan when we can realistically get the game to print and shipping. As you may know both the manufacturing and shipping worlds are in a state of perpetual crisis currently and we’d rather hold off until things calm down that have lengthy waits for delivery or price rises. More to come!

Counter Attack at the Football Fortunes Tabletop Football Club

The Football Fortunes Tabletop Football Club

For those of you in Ireland or Northern Ireland (or who fancy a quick flight!) we’ve launched the Football Fortunes Tabletop Football club monthly in Central Belfast right beside the Duke of York pub in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. The next one will be in the next international break on Saturday 13th of November at 3-5 Commercial Court we hope you can make it! Register here https://fb.me/e/5uIuZO4Tl

The Football Fortunes Fan Club

Remember you can get access to everything we do, be first to know about releases and help to support our work by joining the Football Fortunes Fan Club for only £60 per year. Find out more here https://www.footballfortunes.co.uk/the-football-fortunes-fan-club/

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