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Monday Night Football Fortunes #18

Monday Night Football Fortunes Issue #18 featuring Football Fortunes Online, Subbuteofest 21 and the Football Fortunes Belfast Tabletop Football Club among other fun endeavours!

Busy week round our way launching Football Fortunes Online and hitting the road again to Sussex for Subbuteofest 21 with our chums from Counter Attack. Video doc of that event coming soon but meantime here’s all the news that’s fit to tap out at Burger King in Stanstead during a five hour wait for a flight!


We finally found a home for the online version of Football Fortunes on the Tabletopia platform. The game is now available to play for 2-6 players just like the real world version and has an online version of the app made to work with the Tabletopia version. Note if you want to play with more than 2 players that one of the players at the table will need to have a Tabletopia subscription which is available from only $4.99. Club in, that's what a lot of guys are doing!

Check out our How to Play guide here https://www.footballfortunes.co.uk/how-to-play-football-fortunes-online/


We got invited to attend Subbuteofest 21 with our chums from Counter Attack to sell our games. The event was great fun and it was fantastic to see a couple of hundred people so passionate about tabletop football especially since events have been so thin on the ground. The organisers Alan and Simon are hugely passionate about Subbuteo and absolutely dedicated to making sure the game remains on the radar; kudos to them and to all involved in putting it together. We learned a lot about Subbuteo (maybe everything, Simon is a like a human encyclopaedia!), played our first games since we were kids and I even scored a goal against Simon, one of the most experienced players you could ever hope to meet who went on to finish a very close second. I’ll take that.

The guys  got to introduce our slightly younger generation to the classic game while we got to introduce the guys to more modern classics like Counter Attack. Great fun. Keep an eye on www.wobblyhobbyshop.com for up and coming clubs and events throughout the UK and Ireland.

We picked up a Northern Ireland 1958 Subbuteo team and a lovely Uruguay team too to go along with it! The slippery slope perhaps begins here. We’ll have a video diary for you guys soon.


We know we’ve been talking this up for a long time but it’s almost ready honest! We’ve had to learn a whole bunch of new stuff as we’re building the new app on the Unity platform but we believe we’ve absolutely made the right choice as not only do we have a much better app already but we’ve started work on a brand new set of very exciting features; Football Fortunes AR which of course means Augmented Reality! More to come on that in the coming weeks but we’ll have the new app in an App Store near you very soon.


We’re running very low on stock of the Kickstarter Edition in the run up to the 90s Edition coming to Kickstarter later this year. In fact after Subbuteofest we’re down to only 35 left in stock. When they’re gone they’re gone folks! We won’t be reprinting as we want to put our effort into future editions of the game. We’re sold out on Amazon too so if you’d like to pick up a copy of the game get it on our website at https://www.footballfortunes.co.uk/shop/

For those asking about the player mats too we’ll be producing revised designs and will have another batch made with the 90s Edition Kickstarter.


For those of you handy to Belfast we’re going to be running a monthly Tabletop Football Club at Raise beside the Duke of York pub in the Cathedral Quarter. We’ll be playing games both vintage and modern and will be running leagues and competitions in the run up to February 5th and 6th 2022 when we’ll be hosting our Tabletop Football Expo for the first time with intense cup competitions and much more.

The first Football Fortunes Tabletop Football Club will be on Friday 24th of September from 6-11pm and entry will be £5. Make your way to the lovely Commercial Court and the Duke of York and look out for the big Subbuteo player who’ll provide directions to the venue. We look forward to seeing you there. Join the event on Facebook or on Meetup.com where you can also buy your ticket online.

And remember you can join our exclusive members only games and content with the Football Fortunes Saeson Ticket. Find out more here https://www.footballfortunes.co.uk/the-football-fortunes-fan-club/

Until next time get your kicks on Route Flicksty Flicks (dear God, I’ll get my coat)


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