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Lottie The Raven

Lottie The Raven is the debut novel of Northern Irish author David O' Reilly (aka Rigsy) telling the tale of a Lottie, a football obsessed teenager and her life in her football club the Belfast Ravens.
Lottie The Raven

We got a great early Xmas present from our ol' mate David O Reilly (aka Rigsy) in the form of his debut novel Lottie The Raven. The book sets out the story of Lottie, a football obsessed teenage girl and her trials and tribulations set against the backdrop of her football club, based on Rigsy and his wife Lisa's real life football club the Belfast Ravens.

At Football Fortunes we're all about supporting the ladies game as much as we can. You can to by picking up a copy of David's fantastic book at www.lottietheraven.com

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