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Latest Football Fortunes App Updates Are Now Live

New crisis cards! New Selection Problems cards! New Manager Luck Cards and bug fixes aree in the latest Football Fortunes app updates.
Latest Football Fortunes App Updates Are Now Live

Our Latest App Updates Are Now Live Across All Platforms :)

We've added a few new updates to the current Football Fortunes app both from fan suggestions and some things we dreamt up in the long nights of lockdown! We know this took a long time, corona times have slowed down our plans for the game quite a bit but we're back and getting match fit for the next phase of the game expansions. Meantime...

  • We’ve reduced the frequency of bung tokens appearing in Manager’s Luck and Selection Problems
  • We’ve added some new Manager’s Luck and Selection Problem cards replacing some that we felt and players had told us were irrelevant or plain daft
  • We’ve added two brand new Crisis cards to the mix taking the possible crises from three to five. Will they be even worse than your two best players dying in a car crash?
  • We’ve fundamentally changed how gate receipts work to stop managers from accumulating too much money and to stop managers getting unduly rewarded in the first season of a game in particular
  • We've fixed the issues with the UEFF Cup points not adding to the Manager's Ratings
  • We've fixed the problem where the order of players changes after winning trophies

Grab the latest updates on Android Tablet, Windows and Mac here

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