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(52) Astral Weeks

One year since we launched our Kickstarter a thank you to everyone who've supported and continue to support our Football Fortunes project
(52) Astral Weeks

It's one turn of the earth since we launched the Football Fortunes Kickstarter in sunny Wiltshire (and then drank a load of pints and then sang and danced at a campfire) and what a year it's been.

We've been very proud to be one of the many creators bringing back the fine tradition of tabletop football games via the new crowdfunding platforms and doubly proud to see so many fans of Cloughies able to play the new game with their own kids which is what it's all about for us really.

Thank God that it wasn't a total flop! The last thing anyone wants to do is create a bloody awful version of their favorite retro game and thankfully we feel like the reboot has been a success and we're not stopping there either.

Giles Hunter the original publisher of Brian Clough's Football Fortunes and his lovely wife Gillian on a visit to Belfast on the last day of the Kickstarter campaign

We're working towards a new version of the app, new player packs for the game and another slightly secret project in the next few months that we'll reveal more about when it firms up a bit. And while the lockdown and COVID-19 has slowed all of our progress a little it's safe to say we'll all be football fortuning for quite a while yet :)

We're also going to be making the first website for the original game, collecting together all of the stories, anecdotes, pics, videos and more we've managed to collect in the last while. It's quite a treasure trove. If you've anything you think should be on there please send it along to admin@footballfortunes.co.uk

Thank you all again both for helping this project to get Kickstarted and then sticking with us as we evolve what we still believe is the greatest football management game ever made over the coming months and years.

Marty, Giles, David and Alan

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