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Get A Football Fortunes Deluxe Bundle For Only £5

Get A Football Fortunes Deluxe Bundle For Only £5

Folks we'd like to help a fellow Football Fortuner to get a brand new table football club off the ground in his community. The Potteries Table Football Club will host tabletop football tournaments in Subbuteo and other games.

However they need to purchase gaming tables to make the dream a reality and to help we'd like to give everyone the opportunity to get a copy of Football Fortunes with four exclusive deluxe player mats for only £5 delivered. We'll donate all of the funds raised to the Potteries Football Club and hopefully get them the tables they need to get going.

To enter the competition press the donate button below to get going. You can use your PayPal account, all major credit or debit cards or direct debit to enter. Multiple entries are allowed. We'll do a live draw on Sunday 12th of July at 4pm.

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