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Football Fortunes Tips and Tricks #5 - Snip Yer Drips

Snip yer drips and use them on your Football Fortunes player mats to help you remember those all important formations and team scores.
Football Fortunes Tips and Tricks #5 - Snip Yer Drips

They've been called 'the teardrops', 'those drip things' and much worse! Today we're clearing up one of the great Football Fortunes mysteries once and for all...

The 'drip things' in the box are in fact markers to help you remember your formation as weel as those all-important defence and attacking scores in the game by marking them on your player mat. No more constant counting, no more underestimating your new defensive or attacking score and, most important of all, you can have another beer or two without all of that damned counting wrecking your brain!

Snip them drips and start marking your scores. It's how the pros do it.

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