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Football Fortunes Tips and Tricks #3 - The Coach

Football Fortunes Tips and Tricks #3 - The Coach

Just like in real world football management clubs need to adopt different strategies to win. Whether that's the Real Madrid 'Galactico' strategy of buying the best player in every position or the Manchester United 'Class of '92' strategy of developing great local talent you'll need to be adaptable to survive the various pitfalls and beat your competition to those all important trophies.

Crucial to all strategies in Football Fortunes is upgrading your coach as quickly as possible. A better coach will help you tactically by allowing you to strengthen your attack or defence at will, tailoring your approach to combat the strengths of your opponent. This is particularly useful in cup competitions.

Equally if you're adopting a strategy of improving youth players a strong coach can help them improve more quickly giving you a much cheaper and more sustainable route to having world class players in your squad.

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