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Football Fortunes Away From Home Series 1 Episode 1 - Counter Attack!

The first episode of Football Fortunes Away From Home features the fantastic match day game Counter Attack. Join us as we play football tabletop games both vintage and modern. Our first series features all of the tabletop football games that have been funded by Kickstarter. Enjoy!

The Football Fortunes crew pit their wits against each other in the superb match day format game Counter Attack as Marty's Borussia Dortmund take on Rory's Ajax in a heavy metal football versus total football clash for the ages.

In the commentary box is none other than Counter Attack creator and all round legend Colin Webster providing some standard Scottish gruffness and passion while our own Alfie Kelleher cowers in the booth.

Check out more on Counter Attack and buy the game here or get involved in the Discord community and play the game live on Tabletopia

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