If you thought Being Liverpool was the only time that a new manager had been dropped into his new role at a fallen giant football club to find a camera crew there to document the experience, guess again.

Behind the Scenes at Manchester United catches the Red Devils as Alex Ferguson (not Sir yet!) is at the start of his Old Trafford revival. Released by the club itself on VHS tape, the documentary shows the foundations being staked in the ground before Ferguson goes on to take the club on a  journey of unprecedented success.

This rarity is notable for having almost the only footage of Adrian 'Doc' Doherty, the Northern Irish wonderkid who's career was cut short by injury before his life was tragically cut short in an accident, as well as very early footage of some of the players who would go on to be part of  the famous Class of '92. Oh and Bryan Robson's bare arse. And pints, lots of pints before Fergie got a grip on the drinking culture and turned the club around.