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Holy Grail Week! And Eleven coming soon to a Kickstarter near you

Club Stories First Edition - A Holy Grail!

That's right, this week we managed to pick up not one but two holy grail football board games. First up we got ourselves another copy of the ultra rare Football Fortunes 2 - European Superleague that has been opened and is playable, we'll be featuring it on our Youtube series of play-throughs soon.

Secondly, and we still can't quite believe this ourselves, we picked up a copy of the first edition of the legendary Club Stories football manager game. So handmade by Thomas Jansen that it even features a hand-written thank you note it's truly a great find and in perfect condition also. Expect an Away From Home episode playing Club Stories in the near future.

Lastly we're excited to find that Club Stories will have a sequel coming in the guise of Eleven by Portal Games, coming to Kickstarter in September 2021. The football management tabletop game revolution continues to gather pace! Find out more about Eleven here

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