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Away From Home - You Are The Ref by Scan Games

You Are The Ref, perhaps the world's only board game where you play as a referee? Yep it's that strange!
Away From Home - You Are The Ref by Scan Games

As oddities go, this game is right up there in the strangeness stakes in any genre. You Are The Ref is based on the Observer comic strip of the same name by Paul Trevillion that ran from 2006 - 2016. Not only that it had a real life official in the guise of Keith Hackett overseeing the game.

You play as a referee and the game tests your knowledge of football rules. Get the rule right within 15 seconds and you'll get a reward card. Collect all six colours of reward cards and you'll win the game.

We can't wait to play this one as we've so many mates who reckon they're the world's greatest authority on football's rules. It'll be great to finally test them to their limit!

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