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Away From Home Episode 2 - Superclub

Away From Home episode two features Superclub the football manager board game all the way from Norway. Marty, Alan and Rory pit their wits against each other in a management scrap to end all management scraps.
Away From Home Episode 2 - Superclub

Our digital film bag is overflowing being that we recently filled it even further with our latest addition to the Away From Home series Superclub - the Football Manager Board Game. Superclub was a huge success on Kickstarter in 2019 raising over £53,000 to help bring the game to life.

Devised and designed in Norway by Audun Egenberg with the help of Tada the advertising and design agency he works at, the game is brilliantly put together with a really lovely retro style design throughout. In the game you manage your club against your rivals, building your squad, stadiums, training pitches, staff, managing your finances and more on your way to either winning three leagues or winning the Supercup which will see you win the game.

We played a three player game using the Kickstarter exclusive Top Six Expansion Pack. Tune in to our Away from Home episode early next year to see who lifted the Away From Home cup this time around.

If you'd like to know more about Superclub - The Football Manager Board Game check out their website at https://superclubgame.com/

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