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Away From Home Episode 1 - Counter Attack!

Away From Home is Football Fortunes football board and video game review show. On it we'll be reviewing football games from all eras from console games, tabletop games, mobile games and more. Episode 1 features Counter Attack - the Football Strategy Game from Webstar Games in Scotland.
Away From Home Episode 1 - Counter Attack!

We're very pleased to announce that on Sunday 11th October we filmed the first episode of Away From Home, Football Fortunes review show featuring football board and video games both vintage and modern.

First up we played Counter Attack, a Kickstarter funded footy game released in 2019. Counter Attack sprang from the imagination of Colin Webster and was crafted by the very talented hands of his partner Rachel Codd in Edinburgh, Scotland the home of football itself.

Inspired by classic football match simulations such as Cwali Games Street Soccer and Spears 3-A-Side, Counter Attack takes the match day concept to a whole new level of sophistication and thought, truly a testament to the quality and standards possible in independently published football games.

At its heart Counter Attack is a football strategy game where managers play a 90 minute football match against each other. The game is all about setup, tactical nous and excellent planning as you plot your way from the centre circle to (hopefully) your opponent's six yard box hexagon by hexagon without getting dispossessed and, you've guessed it, counter attacked.

The design is fantastic from the player cards to the wonderful playing surface of the board. You can tell that every single millimetre was thoughtfully considered. The real genius though is the player tokens, which whilst simplistic, strangely embody the clubs that are so beautifully screen printed on them.  

We've already added Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and River Plate to the standard sets of Ajax and Juventus that ship with the game. We can definitely see us picking up the other 164 or similar kits in years to come!

To find out how our Super Sunday clash wen't you'll need to wait a couple of weeks, suffice to say we had a ball...

Check back soon for the first episode of Away From Home towards the end of the month or subscribe to our Youtube channel to get a timely reminder. If you'd like to pick up a copy of Counter Attack you can buy it direct from the makers (with very nice hand written thank yous :) at https://counterattackgame.com/shop/

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