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And it's all gone quiet over there...

We've been very quiet but now we're back blowing up announce bombs all over place! Or well telling you about what we didn't do anyhow...
And it's all gone quiet over there...

Firstly, an apology. We have done very little on Football Fortunes for the last few weeks but we're thankfully back on the horse and will be getting those app releases sorted very soon as well as:

  • New Crisis Cards in the app
  • New Selection Problems and Manager's Luck cards in the app
  • A slight tweak to how bungs work
  • Improved gate receipts to stop people becoming billionaires in season two!
  • Fixing the player order bugs so that the order that managers move on the board is consistent the whole way through the game

We've also listened intently to your feedback and following the small updates above we'll be working on:

  • A complete redesign of the app, massively improving the look and feel and usability
  • Making the app work on phones
  • A back button to allow re-entires and the ability to see the league in the game at any time

Following all of that good stuff we'll be making a couple of major announcements about our future plans...

Thanks for your patience guys, we'll get back to our regular posting schedule from here on in.

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