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A Very Happy New Year From All Of Us At Football Fortunes!

A Happy New Year from all at Football Fortunes and here's our plans for the game in 2021!
A Very Happy New Year From All Of Us At Football Fortunes!

We'll leave it to the writers and philosophers to sum up 2020 in a sentence, suffice to say we've had a ball building up the Football Fortunes community and thinking about what we could next with the game.

Had 2020 worked out a little differently we'd have been talking about meeting you all at UK Games Expo, Tabletop Scotland and many other board game events across the UK and Ireland, we'll just have to save that for 2021!

Still of all we had a great year of sales, growing the Football Fortunes playing community by over 500% across 2020 and racking up a few thousand games played by you lot across the year, via Zoom when the lockdowns bit in too which was really impressive stuff!

As we count down the last few minutes of (ab)normal time in 2020 we wanted to share with you our plans for 2021.

  • We'll be releasing a much improved version of the Football Fortunes app early in 2021 with many of the features you folks had requested including the ability to save the game, the ability to run the app on phones and a much smoother and more game like experience than the first app which honestly we built in record time to fulfil the Kickstarter on time last December.
  • We're making a whole new How To Play video that will cover how to play the game in greater detail, answering some of the more frequently asked questions we get from both brand new players to the Football Fortunes games and fans of the original Brian Clough's Football Fortunes game alike.
  • We'll be releasing a series of football game episodes of our Away From Home series, where we play other football games from board games to video games and beyond. So far we've shot episodes playing Counter Attack, Superclub and also the daddy of them all Brian Clough's Football Fortunes and as soon as we can we'll be adding Soccer City and Next Goal Wins to the film cans.
  • We've a bunch of new features planned for the game that we'll be releasing throughout the year and a couple of very solid ideas for expansions too, we'll keep you up to date on those as we flesh them out and get a better idea of what 2021 looks like for us.
  • We will finally at some point probably finish the first official website for Brian Clough's Football Fortunes. We promise, we know everyone wants to see that, we're on it honestly!

Thanks for supporting us in 2020 guys, we really appreciate it and also all of you helping us to bring this great game back for a new generation and beyond. We've been very humbled by the stories of people getting to play Football Fortunes with their kids, something they never thought they'd be able to do and something we're very pleased to have helped make happen.

Until next time, in a brighter future.

Marty, Alan, Giles and David at Football Fortunes

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